LG Stylo 4+ 32 GB – Unlocked – Aurora Black

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LG Stylo 4+ 32 GB – Unlocked – Aurora Black

The LG Stylo 4+ is a smartphone that offers both performance and value. It features a 6.2" FHD+ FullVision display that will immerse you into whatever you’re watching. It also includes a stylus which allows you to jot down ideas, sketch, or take quick notes. The phone has a 16 MP rear camera and a 5 MP wide-angle front camera that will capture vivid images and selfies. It also offers advanced security features, such as fingerprint recognition and content lock.

Features and Benefits:

  • 6.2" FHD+ FullVision display for a truly immersive experience
  • Stylus included for sketching, note-taking, and more
  • 16 MP rear camera and 5 MP wide-angle front camera for vivid images and selfies
  • Advanced security features including fingerprint recognition and content lock
  • Clip Tray allows you to copy multiple items and paste them on a clipboard for easy access
  • QuickMemo+ lets you choose paper style, pen size and color, text and more
  • GIF Capture & Editing allows you to create creative and fun video while watching to generate a GIF up to 15 seconds
  • Do Not Disturb feature lets you choose which, if any, notifications to receive
  • Reader Mode and Google Docs document viewing included for convenience
  • Mini View feature allows you to shrink the screen for easy one-handed use
  • Capture+ lets you write or draw on nearly any screen and schedule memos to appear at certain times or locations
  • Pen Keeper prevents the stylus from being misplaced by displaying a popup message when the phone is detected as being in motion when the stylus bay is empty
  • Pop Lens feature allows you to conveniently point the pen to magnify and view clearly
  • Pop Memo is a quick note-taking app you can set to activate immediately when you remove the stylus
  • Battery and Power Saving feature restricts apps from running in the background
  • QSlide Function allows you to overlay up to two windows with adjustable sizing and transparency
  • Pen Pop lets you choose which app shortcuts you want available when you remove the stylus
  • Knock ON/Knock OFF feature allows you

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